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Bicyclic Boronate β-Lactamase Inhibitors

Boronate containing compounds have potential for broad spectrum inhibition of β-lactamases. Recent studies have revealed bicyclic boronates as being of particular promise, including with respect to inhibiting both nucleophilic serine-β-lactamases (SBLs) and metallo-β-lactamases (MBLs).1-4 We have developed novel synthetic route to VNRX-5133 and investigated its spectrum of activity.5 VNRX-5133 (taniborbactam) is in Phase 3 clinical trials.6 VNRX-5133 manifests submicromolar IC50 values (0.53 – 0.008 μM) for representatives of all major classes of clinically-relevant β-lactamases tested; it is potent against some B1 subclass MBLs, e.g., widely-spread Verona-integron-encoded MBL, VIM-2 (IC50 ~ 0.5 nM). VNRX-5133 is substantially more potent against MBLs than clinically-approved monocyclic boronate SBL inhibitor Vaborbactam7. Biophysical analyses including crystal structures validate the proposed transition state analogue binding mode for VNRX-5133 and other bicyclic boronates with SBLs and MBLs. Unexpectedly, VNRX-5133 was observed in both bicyclic and tricyclic forms when bound to New Delhi metallo-β-lactamase, NDM-1.5 Although the relevance in solution of the crystallographically-observed forms is to be validated, this observation highlights the ability of boronate-based inhibitors to interchange between different binding modes/hybridization states when bound to proteins.


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Acknowledgment: This short perspective of compound VNRX-5133 was kindly provided by Professor Chris Schofield’s group at the University of Oxford (UK).
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